Partners in Our Process

The Experience Anatomy Foundation is grateful for the collaborative partnerships we have formed with our region’s most reputable end-of-life caregivers and agencies. If you have any questions about the Foundation or our partners, please connect with us. We are here to support you.

Donor Families

The Experience Anatomy Foundation could not exist without the trust and partnership of donors and their families. Our meaningful relationship starts at program registration and continues long into the future. 

We are committed to transparency and are intentional about dedicating ample time for conversation, answering questions and addressing concerns to ensure donors and their families understand the end-to-end donation process. We also offer resources in end-of-life planning, as well as referrals for grief counseling services.

Funeral Homes

The Experience Anatomy Foundation has established positive relationships with funeral directors across the region, and is also open to working with the donor family’s funeral home of choice. In partnership with the funeral home, the Foundation will:

  • Underwrite proper donor care and storage
  • Arrange transportation from the funeral home to our facility
  • Collaborate with the funeral home to issue and distribute certificates of death
  • Cover the cost associated with cremation or conduct cremation services
  • Ensure remains are returned to the funeral home for preferred ceremony

Experience Anatomy

Experience Anatomy is our sister company based in Charlotte, NC that provides healthcare professionals and life science educators from across the US with the opportunity to engage in authentic anatomy training.

The knowledge, skills, and self-efficacy gained through the study of cadaveric tissue in our lab – in tandem with plastinated specimens and digital resources – simply cannot be achieved through any other means. The profound impact of Experience Anatomy is made possible by donors who choose whole-body donation through the Experience Anatomy Foundation.

Community Partners

The Experience Anatomy Foundation collaborates with key partners across the region with the aim of providing exceptional donor stewardship and serving as a valuable community resource. 


We are grateful for the opportunity to serve as a resource to those exploring the notion of whole-body donation as part of their hospice journey. Through our partnership, the hospice care team is empowered to share information about the Experience Anatomy Foundation and to facilitate conversation between prospective donors, their loved ones and the Foundation.

Department of Social Services

The Foundation’s partnership with DSS is significant and important to understand. 

In accordance with the law, an individual unclaimed by a family member within 10 days of death becomes the responsibility of the State. Should a claimant come forth following cremation performed by the State, the remains cannot be released. In instances when the Foundation assumes responsibility for the deceased, however, a claimant is able to receive the remains following education and research and is able to proceed with preferred arrangements.

Bereavement Support

The Experience Anatomy Foundation has vetted and established relationships with support professionals across the region. We can refer individuals to death doulas, who tend to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the dying, as well as grief counselors, who provide comfort and encouragement to loved ones in mourning. We can also share a comprehensive list of bereavement support resources.